FabTime Cycle Time Management for Wafer Fabs
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Example of a FabTime dashboard (home page)

FabTime’s Cycle Time Management Software is a commercial system designed for wafer fab managers.

FabTime consistently exceeds customer expectations.

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Some sample charts are shown below.

Example of a moves trend chart

Example of a WIP pareto chart

Example chart showing Dynamic X-Factor

Example chart showing fab cycle time

FabTime Cycle Time Management Software

Turn fab data into information and save time and money

Are your supervisors swamped with daily reports, but lacking real-time information?
Is it difficult to link equipment performance to cycle time?
Does each new cycle time analysis require IT resources?

FabTime can help. FabTime offers a commercially proven (more than 30 active customer sites) web-based digital dashboard system, focused on improving cycle time. In real-time, it provides a comprehensive view of fab performance data - everything you need for proactive management of cycle time. FabTime is designed for hands-on use by managers and supervisors, unlike traditional reporting tools, which were designed for programmers.

FabTime works by taking a continuous feed of operational transactions from the factory execution system, and processing these transactions real-time for storage in a database. Outputs (including charts and tables) can be viewed using a standard web browser across a corporate Intranet. FabTime can also be configured to allow password-protected access via the Internet. FabTime’s web-based interface minimizes installation and training costs, and its comprehensive security model enables controlled system access for a wide factory audience. FabTime also includes the documentation, help, and customer support that you would expect from a commercial system (click here for details).

FabTime is a small company. This allows FabTime’s employees to get to know you personally, and to exceed your expectations on a regular basis.

FabTime Benefits

FabTime includes real-time alerting, so that users can specify conditions under which to be notified.
All user access to FabTime is via standard web browser (within the corporate Intranet). Mobile devices are also supported.
Out of the box, FabTime includes more than 130 standard fab management charts. Charts include: WIP, moves, lot age, WIP turns, per-visit cycle times, factory cycle times, tool states, tool OEE, scrap, holds, and much more! And you don’t have to build these charts on your own after installing the system.
FabTime also includes optional modules for lot dispatching (via dispatch factors) and static capacity planning.
FabTime can help you to cut production cycle times by 10%, hot lot cycle times by 20%.
FabTime can help you to improve supervisor productivity by cutting report preparation time by 50% or more.

FabTime Installation Information

FabTime is offered on a subscription basis for a low monthly price. Your subscription includes a site license for an unlimited number of users, as well as technical support, software maintenance, software patches and upgrades, and full installation support for patches and upgrades. FabTime’s installation time is 5-9 months, with initial charts generally available within 4 weeks. FabTime has interfaced with most of the major MES products used in the semiconductor industry. Installation services include establishing a real-time link to your MES, validating FabTime outputs against your other reports, and training your end users and system administrators. At the end of the FabTime installation, your site will have full access to FabTime’s standard set of more than 130 fab management charts.

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