FabTime Capacity Planning Module

FabTime’s capacity planning module leverages the data already stored in the FabTime digital dashboard software, to make it easier to build capacity planning scenarios. The only required manual inputs are weekly ships per product and product line yield percentages.

FabTime® uses route information from the fab MES and calculates UPH data (tool speed) based on actual performance. FabTime® also uses tool uptime performance to estimate availability (though this can be overridden). These inputs are used to generate predicted utilization percentages for each capacity type. Detailed intermediate calculations (UPH, tool productive time, tool rework percentage, etc.) are also available (an example for one tool is shown below). All outputs can be easily exported to Excel.

For an additional fee (added to your FabTime® subscription), FabTime will identify the source of any additional data needed for the planning module, automate the process of importing the additional data into FabTime®, and validate against client data.

The FabTime Capacity Planning Module includes the following benefits:

  • Eliminate the need to maintain offline capacity planning models
  • Automatically update capacity planning data to reflect new conditions (process flows, tool uptime characteristics)
  • Document the dispatching logic used by the best operators and make this available to all shifts

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