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Determining Availability Targets (Issue 19.01)

Welcome to Volume 19, Number 1 of FabTime’s Cycle Time Management Newsletter. We hope that everyone had a happy holiday season, and that you are all successfully fending off winter ailments. In this issue of the newsletter we have an announcement about a FabTime webinar that was held in January (and is available for viewing by FabTime customers). We have a subscriber discussion question about hot lots. Our FabTime software tip of the month is about adding a new chart series on the right-hand Y-axis when customizing charts.

In our main article this month, written with Hani Ofeck from Tower Semiconductor, we explore the setting of availability targets. While availability is an important and widely tracked metric in fabs, there is surprisingly little literature regarding the calculation and implementation of availability targets. In our article we share some general thoughts as well as implementation ideas. It is our hope that this will spur further discussion, such that we, the FabTime newsletter community, can improve our collective understanding in this area.