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How the Space Program Launched the Semiconductor Industry (Issue 20.04)

How the Space Program Launched the Semiconductor Industry

Welcome to Volume 20, Number 4 of the FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter. We hope you’re all having a great summer. We have no community announcements in this issue, but we have shared links to a couple of recent news stories that we thought would be of interest to our subscriber community. Our software tip of the month is about viewing the distribution of WIP across the line, with additional detail about the breakdown of that WIP.

We have two extensive and thoughtful subscriber responses to the main topic of the previous issue: the metric WIP Hours (hours of WIP in queue per tool). As these responses have made the subscriber discussion both lengthy and technical, we have chosen to include a brief main article. Inspired by the recent burst of news about the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, we share some commentary about the impact of the US space program on the semiconductor industry. We welcome your feedback.