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A Metric for Green-to-Green (G2G) Analysis (Issue 20.02)

Welcome to Volume 20, Number 2 of the FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter. In this issue we have a call for papers for an upcoming conference. Our software tip of the month is about using our new interface for renaming, copying, and linking to home page tabs. We also have an extensive subscriber submission about capacity planning, on-time delivery, and dispatching.

In our main article, we discuss the metric Green-to-Green (G2G) time, which we are in the process of implementing in our software. This metric captures each instance of downtime, scheduled and unscheduled, from when a tool first goes down until it comes back up, even if there are multiple switches between downtime sub-states in between. We believe that this metric will be helpful to fabs in understanding and reducing downtime-related variability.