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FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter

The FabTime Cycle Time Management newsletter is a forum for introducing and discussing best practices in wafer fab cycle time management. This free email publication is currently distributed to 2700 people across the semiconductor industry. It contains technical articles related to cycle time management, as well as subscriber discussion and industry announcements. To subscribe to the newsletter, please fill in the form below and press the Submit button. (Note: FabTime software customers can also subscribe to the Tip of the Month email list. Click here to subscribe.) There is no charge to subscribe. We guarantee that FabTime will never release your email address or other information to any third party. 

Issue 18.04 was distributed on October 17, 2017.

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Newsletter main topics to date are listed below. Click on the issue title to view an abstract for that issue. There is no charge to subscribe for the current issue of the newsletter each month. Past issues are currently only available to customers of FabTime’s web-based digital dashboard software or our cycle time management course.

bulletThe Hawthorne Effect (Issue 1.1)
bulletThe P-K Formula (Issue 1.2)
bulletLittle’s Law (Issue 1.3)
bulletTheory of Constraints (Issue 1.4)
bulletTheory of Constraints and Just-in-Time Manufacturing (Issue 1.5)
bulletPerformance Measures Typically Used in Wafer Fabs (Issue 1.6)
bulletImproving Factory Cycle Time Through Changes at Non-Bottleneck Tools (Issue 1.7)
bulletUnderstanding the Impact of Single-Path Tools (Issue 1.8)
bulletImpact of Batch Size Decision Rules on Cycle Time (Issue 2.1)
bulletShould You Reduce Lot Sizes to Reduce Cycle Times? (Issue 2.2)
bulletImproving Cycle Time During a Downturn (Issue 2.3)
bulletIn-Depth Guide to OEE Resources (Issue 2.4)
bulletOne-Year Anniversary Issue (Issue 2.5)
bulletWhat is One Day of Cycle Time Reduction Worth? (Issue 2.6)
bulletThe FabTime Cycle Time Characteristic Curve Generator (Issue 2.7)
bulletSetting Goals for Fab Performance (Issue 2.8)
bulletImplicitly Including Cycle Time in Capacity Planning (Issue 2.9)
bulletExplicitly Including Cycle Time in Capacity Planning (Issue 2.10)
bulletOEE and Cycle Time (Issue 3.1)
bulletCycle Time and Hot Lots (Issue 3.2)
bulletHow Much Does Tool Dedication Inflate Cycle Time? (Issue 3.3)
bulletCycle Time and the Core Conflict (Issue 3.4)
bulletThe Bottom-Line Benefits of Cycle Time Management (Issue 3.5)
bulletCycle Time Management Styles (Issue 3.6)
bulletFabTime Newsletter Retrospective (Issue 3.7)
bulletA Simple Rule of Thumb for Batching Decisions (Issue 3.8)
bulletThe Impact of Staffing on Cycle Time (Issue 3.9)
bulletQuality Moves: A Proposal for a New Performance Metric (Issue 3.10)
bulletQuantifying Wafer Fab Variability (Issue 4.01)
bulletQuantifying Availability Variability (Issue 4.02)
bulletCycle Time Entitlement (Issue 4.03)
bulletCycle Time Effects of Equipment Downtime (Issue 4.04)
bulletArrival Variability and Cycle Time (Issue 4.05)
bulletIn-Depth Guide to Operators and Cycle Time (Issue 4.06)
bulletIdentifying Real-Time Cycle Time Problems (Issue 4.07)
bulletDynamic X-Factor (Issue 4.08)
bulletIdentifying Temporary Bottlenecks in the Fab (Issue 4.09)
bulletTool Standby and Productive Time Reporting (Issue 4.10)
bulletCycle Time and Factory Size (Issue 4.11)
bulletCycle Time and Yield (Issue 5.01)
bulletCycle Time and Yield Revisited (Issue 5.02)
bulletDynamic X-Factor Revisited (Issue 5.03)
bulletPresenting Fab Performance Data (Issue 5.04)
bulletWIP Utilization Percentage (Issue 5.05)
bulletCycle Time Constrained Capacity (Issue 5.06)
bulletQuantifying the Effect of Tool Downtime (Issue 5.07)
bulletReal-Time Alerting based on Fab Conditions (Issue 5.08)
bulletAnalyzing Capacity Using MES Data (Issue 5.09)
bulletManagement Behavior and Fab Cycle Time (Issue 5.10)
bulletProduct Mix and Cycle Time (Issue 6.01)
bulletA WIP-Centered View of the Fab: Part 1: WIP States (Issue 6.02)
bulletA WIP-Centered View of the Fab: Part 2: Overall WIP Effectiveness (Issue 6.03)
bulletLot Dispatch for Wafer Fabs (Issue 6.04)
bulletThe Three Fundamental Drivers of Fab Cycle Time (Issue 6.05)
bulletCycle Time and Holds (Issue 6.06)
bulletSetup Avoidance and Dispatching (Issue 6.07)
bulletCycle Time and Hot Lots Revisited (Issue 6.08)
bulletEstimating and Using Operation Cycle Times (Issue 6.09)
bulletOperational Recommendations for Wafer Fab Cycle Time Improvement (Issue 6.10)
bulletRunning Development Lots in a Production Fab (Issue 7.01)
bulletOperator Variability and Cycle Time (Issue 7.02)
bulletCycle Time Metrics Baseline (Issue 7.03)
bulletCycle Time Variability (Issue 7.04)
bulletLean Manufacturing and Wafer Fabs (Issue 7.05)
bulletResolving the Cycle Time vs. Utilization Conflict (Issue 7.06)
bulletFinancial Justification for Cycle Time Improvement Efforts (Issue 7.07)
bulletWays that Fabs Create Arrival Variability (and Cycle Time) (Issue 7.08)
bulletSeven Things You Should Know About Wafer Fab Cycle Time (Issue 7.09)
bulletIn-Depth Guide to Cycle Time Management Resources (Issue 7.10)
bulletHighlighting Cycle Time Problems for New Products (Issue 8.01)
bulletWhat Makes an Effective Morning Meeting? (Issue 8.02)
bulletEstimating Planned Operation Cycle Times (Issue 8.03)
bulletSources of Variability in Wafer Fabs (Issue 8.04)
bulletConquering WIP Bubbles (Issue 8.05)
bulletCluster Tools in Wafer Fabs (Issue 8.06)
bulletScheduling and Dispatching in Wafer Fabs (Issue 8.07)
bulletWafer Fab Flow Control via Order Release (Issue 8.08)
bulletDefinitions for Cycle Time Benchmarking (Issue 8.09)
bulletA Fab Cycle Time Improvement Checklist (Issue 8.10)
bulletOur Top Recommendation for Cycle Time Improvement: Tackle Single Path Operations (Issue 9.01)
bulletManual Lot Transfer in Wafer Fabs (Issue 9.02)
bulletBatch Loading Policies for Wafer Fabs (Issue 9.03)
bulletDynamic X-Factor and Shipped Lot X-Factor (Issue 9.04)
bulletPaper vs. Electronic Lot Travelers (Issue 9.05)
bulletDefinitions for Short-Term Line Yield Metrics (Issue 9.06)
bulletHow To Extend the Life of Your Fabs? Measure, Monitor, and Control (Issue 9.07)
bulletTool State Calculations for Cluster Tools in Fabs (Issue 9.08)
bulletWIP Bubbles in Wafer Fabs (Issue 9.09)
bulletImproving Cycle Time during a Downturn, Redux (Issue 9.10)
bulletSetting WIP Goals in Wafer Fabs (Issue 10.01)
bulletCorrelation in Wafer Fab Data (Issue 10.02)
bulletEquipment Availability versus Equipment Uptime and Manufacturing Time (Issue 10.03)
bulletResponses to Four Recent Discussion Topics (Issue 10.04)
bulletProblems that Stem from Broken Assumptions (Issue 10.05)
bulletForecasting Lot Completion Dates (Issue 10.06)
bulletUsing Short-Term Indicators to Improve Long-Term Performance (Issue 10.07)
bulletThe Hawthorne Effect Revisited (Issue 10.08)
bulletImproving Factory Cycle Time through Improvements at Non-Bottleneck Tools (Issue 10.09)
bulletProduct Mix and Cycle Time Revisited (Issue 11.01)
bullet100th Newsletter Issue Celebration (Issue 11.02)
bulletComputational Issues in Estimating OEE (Issue 11.03)
bulletEarly Delivery Times in Wafer Fabs (Issue 11.04)
bulletTime Constraints and Reverse Dispatch in Fabs (Issue 11.05)
bulletPrediction Intervals vs. Confidence Intervals (Issue 12.01)
bulletTen Fab Management Discussion Topics (Issue 12.02)
bulletQueueing Models for Wafer Fabs (Issue 12.03)
bulletPM Scheduling and Cycle Time (Issue 12.04)
bulletUsing OEE to Enhance Factory Performance (Issue 12.05)
bulletVariability Metrics for Fabs: Part 1 (Issue 12.06)
bulletVariability Metrics for Fabs: Part 2 (Issue 13.01)
bulletWhat Level of Capacity Planning is Right for My Fab? (Issue 13.02)
bulletReentrant Flow and Fab Cycle Time (Issue 13.03)
bulletFab Variability and Reentrant Flow (Issue 13.04)
bulletOvercoming Productivity Losses During Shift Change (Issue 14.01)
bulletThe Hawthorne Effect, Revisited (Issue 14.02)
bulletWhy Should Foundries Care about Cycle Time? (Issue 14.03)
bulletFactors Contributing to High Cycle Times in Fabs (Issue 14.04)
bulletSix Sources of Equipment Variation and How to Control Them (Issue 14.05)
bulletWhy I'm Still in the Industry after 30+ Years, by Frank Chance (Issue 14.06)
bulletDispatching and Line Balance (Issue 15.01)
bulletImpacts of Changing a Fab's Lot Size (Issue 15.02)
bulletHelping People to be Better Problem-Solvers (Issue 15.03)
bulletIdentifying and Solving Problems in Wafer Fabs (Issue 15.04)
bulletUsing Trend Lines to Enhance the Value of Dynamic X-Factor Charts (Issue 15.05)
bulletHow Can We Get Better at What We Do? (Issue 15.06)
bulletGoals for Fab Leadership to Drive Cycle Time Improvement (Issue 16.01)
bulletUsing WIP Turns for Forward Cycle Time Estimation (Issue 16.02)
bulletBalancing Fab Cost and Cycle Time (Issue 16.03)
bulletMotivational Aspects of Goal-Setting for Wafer Fabs (Issue 16.04)
bulletIdentifying Sources of Arrival Variability (Issue 16.05)
bulletImplementing OEE for Cluster Tools (Issue 16.06)
bulletA Hidden Source of Cycle Time in Wafer Fabs: Gas and Chemical Changess (Issue 17.01)
bulletFabTime Short-Interval Scheduling (Issue 17.02)
bulletWhy Fabs Need Multiple Metrics (Issue 17.03)
bulletManaging High-Mix Low-Volume Wafer Fabs (Issue 17.04)
bulletComputational Issues in Reporting "Average WIP" (Issue 17.05)
bulletThinking Critically About Data (Issue 17.06)
bulletLearning New Things and Making Them Stick (Issue 18.01)
bulletVariability Impact of Temporary Fab Shutdowns (Issue 18.02)
bulletUnderstanding Why Lots Miss Their Due Dates (Issue 18.03)
bulletMeasuring Variability of Availability (Issue 18.04)
bulletHelping Factories Transition from R&D to Production (Issue 18.05)
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