Our Story

During the 1990's, FabTime co-founders Jennifer Robinson and Frank Chance identified a significant bottleneck in semiconductor operations: the delayed access to essential factory performance data for fab management. Despite substantial investments of time and resources in internal reporting systems, fab management frequently encountered delays in receiving crucial information, which negatively impacted overall factory performance.   

Motivated to address this gap, Frank and Jennifer combined their industrial engineering and software development expertise to create FabTime in 1999. Ever since, FabTime has been instrumental in helping those who run fabs improve their factory performance, particularly in the area of cycle time management, while saving both fab management and IT teams significant time. 


Our mission is to empower those running fabs with immediate actionable intelligence for driving improvements.

Through customizable reports, we give all levels of fab management comprehensive visibility into factory performance, enabling streamlined decision-making. 


As the semiconductor industry advances with the rise of smarter factories, we are committed to a future where our customers' decisions are informed by AI-powered insights. 

We envision a future where our customers harness the full wealth of their data, making intelligent data-driven decisions guided by the foresight of predictive analytics and machine learning.

Our Approach

Actionable Intelligence

The FabTime interface comes with 165 informative, ready-to-use, interactive charts designed for fab settings. Continuously updated with the latest data, these charts offer fab management instant visibility into fab conditions and critical insights for strategic decision-making. 

Unified Solution

We integrate data collection, report logic, and visualization into a unified solution. This streamlined approach allows fab management to obtain necessary information without delays and alleviates IT and IE teams of the burden of report generation and report system maintenance.


Our team meets regularly with our individual customers, providing personalized support for unique customer projects and requirements. We also meet with our customers in our monthly user group, where their feedback directly shapes ongoing enhancements to the FabTime software. 

Building a Global Community Dedicated to Driving Better Fab Operations

We are dedicated to cultivating a global community united by the goal of driving better fab operations. Our free monthly cycle time management newsletter is at the heart of our commitment to continuous learning and dialogue. Our newsletter serves as a platform where we share best practices, strategies, and collaborate with semiconductor industry professionals to continue to educate ourselves on the latest trends, strategies, and advancements, ensuring that our readers are equipped with the most current insights. 

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Frank Chance, PhD

Co-founder and Software Architect

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Jennifer Robinson, PhD

Co-founder and COO

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Lara Nichols-Brown, MS


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