Actionable Insights Driving Factory Improvements 

Designed for all levels of factory management, we make it possible for you to experience immediate and clear views of your fab data, all without the need for programming expertise.

"FabTime gives us the ability to see connections between action and reaction, decision and outcome, that were once difficult to discern or required expert assistance to access and chart the data."

~Jimmie Darrington, Microchip Technologies


Our cost-effective factory insight engine paired with our seamless plug and play integration delivers a
rapid return on investment. Prepare to expose blind spots, increase capacity,
 and reduce cycle times.


Reduced Cycle Time


Increased Bottleneck Capacity


Reduction Hot Lot Cycle Time

What You Can Expect

Early Issue Detection 

Respond to problems before they escalate with live charts and alerts

One Source of Truth

Centralized reporting eliminates data disparities and negates individual validation

Free Up Time

Dedicate more time to improvements rather than tracking down production issues

Improved Cycle Times

Real-time monitoring highlights bottlenecks so managers can take targeted actions 

Cost Savings

Removes the need to upkeep costly internal reporting infrastructure

Improved Capacity

Sophisticated charts reveal more efficient allocation of specific resources

Elevated Profits 

Increased profits resulting from enhanced production efficiency

Reduced Downtime

Timely reporting allows teams to quickly respond to issues

Seamless Integration

Plug and play integration with minimized disruptions to existing operations

We do the work so your teams can focus on improvements

FabTime  differs from commercial reporting tools that only offer data visualization, and still require significant investments of time, staff, and financial resources to maintain reporting. Our end-to-end-solution covers all the bases, enabling you to efficiently allocate your resources and time to more productive uses. 

Data Extraction

Retrieving data from the MES or comparable systems doesn't fall on your IT teams

Report Logic

Standardized chart formatting created with IE expertise and SEMI industry standards 

Data Visualization

Interactive user interface with pre-configured charts suited for various factory roles 

Factory Insight Engine

Engage directly with your data to evaluate your facility's conditions and uncover valuable insights

Out of the Box Insights

Ready-to-use predefined charts that refresh automatically 

Data Transparency

Gain clear views of your operations

On Demand Reports 

Access charts instantly from any device


Experience an intuitive interface that presents data to your specifications

165+ Predefined Factory Charts

We offer more than just generic charts. Choose from an extensive selection of over 165 configurable charts, specifically created for fab environments and designed following SEMI E10 and E79 standards. 

Highly Configurable

All levels of factory management have the flexibility to customize charts and dashboards to meet their specific requirements. This direct customization eliminates reliance on IT teams to create new reports for each new set of data. 

Interact with Data in Real-Time

Charts instantly adapt to your personalized configurations and reflect the most recent data from your servers. These real-time visualizations allow you to work proactively to address potential challenges before they escalate.