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Dispatch Compliance in Wafer Fabs (Issue 20.06)

Welcome to Volume 20, Number 6 of the FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter. We hope that the holiday season is treating you all well. A special welcome to our many new subscribers this month. The October issue was well-received, and we thank everyone who passed it along to their colleagues.

In this issue, we start with one announcement about an upcoming new software release and another highlighting some recent news shared by Jennifer on LinkedIn. Our FabTime user tip of the month is, following up with the previous issue, about how to generate a list of current tool qualification bottlenecks (operations that have WIP and only a small number of qualified tools).

We have a robust subscriber discussion forum this month, with a small correction to the previous issue and a new topic for which we are seeking input: breaking down queue time into sub-states based on operator unavailability, downtime, and lack of tool qualification. We also have several responses to a question we posed last month about dispatch compliance, leading into our new main article on that topic. Aggregating inputs from the literature, the subscriber community, and FabTime's customers, we identify three primary approaches to tracking and reporting dispatch compliance. As always, we welcome your feedback.