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Cycle Time and Holds Revisited (Issue 23.04)

Welcome to Volume 23, Number 4 of the FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter. It’s been a busy summer both within FabTime and around the industry. We are pleased to announce three new FabTime employees (one already with us and the other two starting soon). We also share several industry news tidbits from Jennifer’s LinkedIn, including the fact that wafer fab investments are headed to a record high this year. As suppliers to wafer fabs, we are grateful to see this capital expenditure. As long-time observers of the industry, we remain a bit nervous about potential capacity over-expansion. But we are overall hopeful!

We have no subscriber discussion in this issue. Perhaps all our readers were on vacation when the last issue came out.

In our main article this month we return to a topic last addressed here more than 15 years ago: the cycle time impact of holds. We discuss several ways that holds increase cycle time and share some associated management challenges arising from holds. We close with several recommendations for minimizing the impact of holds. In this month’s software tip, we focus on how to remove holds from the list of inactive lots, while keeping them visible using other charts. As always, we welcome your feedback.