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A Fab Cycle Time Improvement Framework (Issue 23.06)

Welcome to Volume 23, Number 6 of the FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter. In this issue, we have an important announcement about a new platform (MailChimp) that we’ll be using to send the newsletter and tip emails starting in January. You may need to mark the messages as safe to avoid them being junked by your email program (and we would of course appreciate that very much!). We also have an announcement about the newest version release of FabTime’s software, and a few news stories shared from Jennifer’s LinkedIn.

Our software tip of the month is about restricting the number of points displayed on a Pareto chart. Our subscriber discussion topics include green-to-green chart implementation, controlling variation in lot arrivals across factories, and (per last month’s tip), separating maintenance events. A subscriber question about ranking of cycle time improvement tactics inspired us to share a proposed fab cycle time improvement framework as this month’s main article. In this piece, we suggest what we think is a logical order for identifying cycle time improvement targets and then applying different strategies. We also include a list of the fab complexities that contribute to cycle time. We welcome your feedback, as always.