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Commonly Reported Wafer Fab Cycle Time Contributors (Issue 24.04)

Welcome to Volume 24, Number 4 of the FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter. In this issue, we have a Semicon West wrap-up and announcement about the upcoming Fab Owners Alliance meeting, a call for papers for the 2024 Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference, and various news links from Jennifer’s LinkedIn. Our software tip of the month is about using sparklines (very small, data-dense charts) to convey large amounts of information in a single dashboard. We have a plethora of subscriber discussion topics ranging from a timely question about AI/ML to tool queue times and control plans to a response to the prior issue about forward-looking cycle time metrics.

Because of the large quantity of subscriber topics, we have included a relatively short main article. Over the years, we have surveyed people on our website and in our cycle time management course, and more recently via LinkedIn, about what they see as the primary drivers of cycle time for their fabs. We share highlights from these responses, with some thoughts from Jennifer on why the complexity of fabs makes them so interesting.