FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter Abstracts

FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter Abstracts - Volume 21 (1 issue - in progress)

Finding and Analyzing Cycle Time Bottlenecks (Issue 21.01)

Welcome to Volume 21, Number 1 of the FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter. We hope that you are all off to a great 2020 and believe that it is going to be a great year for the semiconductor industry. Would you believe this is the 159th issue of the newsletter? In this issue we have an exciting announcement about a plan to make past newsletter issues available to subscribers. Our software tip of the month is about a starter set of charts for manufacturing supervisors. We have subscriber discussion about dispatch compliance, on-time delivery calculations, rework %, and queue time sub-states.

Inspired in part by the discussion on queue time sub-states, we focus our main article on cycle time bottlenecks: the tool groups that contribute the most queue time to cycle time in a fab. We describe methods for both identifying cycle time bottlenecks and analyzing them. We close with a brief summary of concrete recommendations for mitigating the primary contributing factors to cycle time bottlenecks. We welcome your feedback.