FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter Abstracts

FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter Abstracts - Volume 22 (1 issue, in progress)

On Breaking Up PMs and Other Unavailable Periods (Issue 22.01)

Welcome to Volume 22, Number 1 of the FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter. This is the first issue of 2021. In this issue we have an announcement about our new FabTime user interface, a call for papers for the TSIA Joint Symposium, a quick announcement about delivery of sessions of our cycle time management course, and a couple of news links from Jennifer’s LinkedIn.

One of the main topics of our course, downtime, particularly scheduled downtime, is the primary theme of this month’s issue. Our software tip of the month is about using our new Green-to-Green charts (G2G) to identify cases where you might be grouping PMs. In our main article, we discuss why grouping PMs isn’t a good idea for cycle time, and why G2G is a useful metric for monitoring downtime instances. We also have subscriber discussion about dedicating weekends to maintenance events, analyzing failures for time-of-day patterns, and comparing OEE across fabs.