FabTime Begins Installation at 30th Customer Site

September 27, 2012

FabTime is pleased to report that we have begun installation of our web-based dashboard system for our 30th customer site, a US-based manufacturing facility. We began development of our web-based dashboard for wafer fab cycle time management back in 1999. Our first customer, Headway Technologies, installed it in August of 2000.

Despite a number of industry downturns, we have steadily added customers over the 12 years since then, and we are delighted to be undertaking our 30th installation. We are grateful to all of the customers who have used FabTime along the way, and who continue to use it every day. Suggestions from these customers have made the software what it is today: a user-friendly dashboard system that saves fab managers time, and helps them to improve overall fab performance. Welcome, Site30. You are in great company!