FabTime Presents Joint Case Study with Flexciton at FOA Collaborative Forum

April 25, 2023

In February, FabTime’s Lara Nichols and Flexciton’s Jamie Potter presented a joint case study at the Fab Owners Alliance Collaborative Forum in Phoenix. The topic was Intelligent Production Scheduling at Renesas Wafer Fab with Seamless Data Integration. The Renesas sponsor for the project was Jay Maguire.

Renesas was already using FabTime’s reporting dashboard in their fab in Palm Bay, Florida. The management team wished to conduct trials of Flexciton’s intelligent scheduler to improve performance in their diffusion area. Renesas resources to support the project were limited. FabTime and Flexciton worked together to provide the necessary data needed for the scheduler via pull from FabTime’s (already in place) on-site database. Key benefits of the joint FabTime/Flexciton solution included:

  • IE resource-saving: The project did not require extra manhours from Renesas personnel.
  • Time-saving: Flexciton’s scheduling optimizer was deployed quickly using data from the FabTime database. Most required data was already there, while some was added for the project.
  • Money-saving: Renesas did not have to purchase any additional hardware, because the Flexciton scheduler runs in a cloud environment, or additional SQL Server licenses, because data was stored on the FabTime database server.
  • MES performance protection: There was no need to set up a second data pull from the fab MES.

Live trials of the Flexciton scheduler will be continuing at Renesas. Early results show significant reductions in time-link violations, number of batches run, and queue time for batch tools.

FabTime and Flexciton look forward to conducting more case studies in the future. For more information about the case study, or (for FabTime software customers) to set up a Flexciton trial for your fab, please contact FabTime.

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