FabTime Appoints Norbie Lavigne to Advisory Board

Menlo Park, CA | January 14, 2002

FabTime Inc. today announced that Mr. Norbert (Norbie) Lavigne has accepted a position on FabTime’s Advisory Board. Mr. Lavigne has over 25 years of semiconductor industry experience, both domestic and international. He was plant manager of IBM’s Burlington fab from 1987 to 1991. During that time, he successfully introduced 8” wafer processing for the first time in the Semiconductor Industry. Following this position, Mr. Lavigne worked for two years as the Burlington World Trade Executive for IBM in Paris, France. He is currently retired from IBM (NYSE: IBM), and working as a consultant for the technology industry.

“I look forward to working with FabTime, and getting to talk about issues in the industry that I love. I decided to work with them because I feel that FabTime has a product that could make a difference for the industry.” - Norbert Lavigne

“Norbie Lavigne brings valuable experience to FabTime,” said Frank Chance, President of FabTime. “His background as plant manager for IBM represents the target customer for our software. His feedback will help us to sharpen our focus, to make the software more useful to fab managers who want to improve cycle time.”

Other members of FabTime’s advisory board include Mr. Marc O’Brien and Mr. Ken Beller. Mr. O’Brien is former CEO and founder of WebProject Incorporated, which was acquired by Novient. He is now a partner in Global Integrated Ventures. Mr. Beller has over 15 years in global high-tech management with such companies as Siliconix (NASDAQ: SILI), TEMIC, a DaimlerChrysler (NYSE: DCX) company, and Etec Systems, an Applied Materials (NASDAQ: AMAT) Company, and is currently President of Near Bridge, Inc.

About FabTime Inc.

FabTime Inc. is the first company to focus solely on the challenging problem of cycle time management for semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities. We believe that the cycle time problems faced by wafer fabs are uniquely difficult and that our customers will be well-served by a company that declares its focus and sticks to it. To that end, we offer cycle time management software and training, as well as a free email newsletter dedicated to discussing best practices for fab cycle time improvement. FabTime’s website is located at www.FabTime.com.

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