FabTime OEE Webinar A Success

December 6, 2018

On October 23rd, FabTime’s Mike Krist hosted a specialized webinar for FabTime customers on understanding OEE concepts. The webinar was a success, with approximately 40 people participating (and others viewing the webinar later from the archive). Topics for the webinar included:

  1. Understanding *why* and *when* we should use Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).
  2. Understanding definitions – Availability Efficiency, Rate Efficiency, Rate Loss, etc.
  3. Computing OEE for simple examples with Excel.
  4. Using FabTime OEE charts, and replicating the results in FabTime with Excel.
  5. Investigating rate loss on FabTime OEE charts.
  6. Listing the data sources necessary to compute OEE, and understanding the challenges of OEE (including cluster tool OEE).

An archived version of the webinar may be viewed by FabTime customers. Previous webinars are also available:

  • Introduction to Using FabTime (for new users)
  • Tool State Analysis Using FabTime
  • Testing and Taking Advantage of Patch108

Contact FabTime for links to archived versions of the previous webinars. (These links will be included in future software patches, available from the Help toolbar.)