FabTime Patch 105 Released

May 2, 2014

FabTime is pleased to announce the release of Patch 105 of our web-based dashboard software. Highlights in this much-anticipated release include:

  • JavaScript Charts. The JavaScript charts are dynamic, allowing features such as inline legends (on the chart bars), click to view pop-up data values directly on the chart, and drag-to-resize.
  • Edit Chart capability for single-page charts. With the “Edit Chart” control, you can:
    1. Remove a series from the chart (e.g. remove the WIP line from a moves trend chart).
    2. Control series type (bar, line, etc.) and series color.
    3. Add arbitrary series from data table to chart (e.g. change the moves lot list to display actual and theoretical UPH for each move, rather than cycle time for each move).
  • New Starts Stacked Trend, Starts Stacked Pareto, Shipment Stacked Trend, and Shipment Stacked Pareto charts.
  • Aggregating of data table rows for the same x-axis value in all cross-tab charts (stacked charts).
  • New Earned Plan Hours Trend/Pareto charts that show raw earned plan hours, not normalized by WIP
  • OEE chart enhancements
    1. WIP filters on OEE charts
    2. More flexibility in Performance Efficiency calculations for multi-chamber tools
  • Support for site-configurable subtraction filters on Cycle Time charts (instead of being limited to subtract owner, hold code, and operation
  • Support for blocks of time-constrained process steps in dispatching, as well as enhanced support for current step batch efficiency
  • Speed optimization for various charts and goal transactions

Please contact your site's FabTime administrator for details on when this new release will be available on your production server.