FabTime Patch 106 Released

August 26, 2014

FabTime is pleased to announce the production release of core patch 106 to all customers currently on subscription or maintenance contract. Key features in this new release include:

  1. Trend lines (regression lines) on JavaScript charts via "Edit Chart" control.
  2. Date/time popup control for StartTime/EndTime/AsOfTime on individual chart pages. Users may still type in date/time filter values, but may also use the popup control to select date/time values.
  3. Instant-editing of JavaScript charts: as soon as a change is made in the “Edit Chart” control, it is reflected on the chart, without any delay or server-side requests.
  4. JavaScript-only option for new sites that do not purchase ChartFX. Existing sites may also choose to transition to JavaScript-only charts to simplify support, or when installing a new FabTime server. FabTime administrators may now set the chart engine using the 'Configure FabTime' interface.
  5. Site control to require user-level permissions for EditChart. If user-level permissions are required, they are displayed on “Manage Users” page.

FabTime's development team is already hard at work on Patch107.

Please contact your site's FabTime administrator for details on when this new release will be available on your production server.