FabTime Patch 107 Released

December 2, 2015

FabTime is pleased to announce the formal release of Patch 107, already in place at many of our customer sites. Highlights in this release include:

  1. Support for site-specific tool-state transaction attributes, e.g. Downtime Owner.
  2. OEE for multi-path cluster tools.
  3. Improved performance for sites with tens of thousands of defined goals that are ramped on a regular schedule.
  4. Dispatch lists generated by a real-time short-interval scheduler.
  5. Usability enhancements for JavaScript charts:
    • Axis gridline support
    • Increased color choices for stacked charts
    • Improved performance

We are also making rapid progress with Patch 108, with several customer sites previewing new functionality on their test servers. Features already included in Patch 108 include:

  1. Support for automated uploads of Excel datasets, e.g. for goal and UPH maintenance. Local FabTime administrators can maintain this configuration data in Excel, and then upload it to FabTime in a secure fashion, with change-tracking.
  2. Usability enhancements requested by FabTime user group:
    • Excel export formatting
    • Managing home page tabs
  3. Improved performance for Charts menu.
  4. Usability enhancements for JavaScript charts:
    • Improved formatting and abbreviations for y-axis labels
    • Control over data value labeling

Please contact your internal FabTime administrator to ask about your site's status in implementing these patches.