FabTime Completes Software Patch 108

January 25, 2017

FabTime is pleased to announce the final build of Patch 108 of our web-based dashboard software for cycle time management. New features in this version, about to be released, include:

  • Support for metrics dashboards
  • Ability to sort stacked charts by totals
  • Ability to set stacked object colors by site
  • Ability to place a new series on the right-hand Y axis when editing a chart
  • Addition of new E10Age filter, to allow filtering by the duration of downtime
  • Display of within-chart data values for bar charts (Javascript charts)
  • Automatic uploads of Excel maintenance data
  • New shipped lot x-factor charts
  • Unified definitions and display for average WIP
  • Automatic formatting for y-axis labels (Javascript charts)

If you would like to know when this new version will be available at your site, or have questions about the new features, please contact your FabTime system administrator.