Patch 112 Releasing Soon

December 4, 2019

FabTime will shortly be releasing software Patch 112. Notable enhancements in this new release include:

  • Cycle Time Revamp (Add Elapsed Cycle Time Move Details chart. Add Operation Cycle Time Details Trend/Pareto Charts, Split PreProcess, Process, PostProcess, Queue, Hold, Transport, and Other Time into their own columns on all cycle time charts. Provide detailed rework and non-rework data table columns on all cycle time data tables.)
  • New Tool Green-to-Green (G2G) List chart (as described in Issue 20.02).
  • Client-side support for fast hiding of data table columns.
  • Support for carrying hold comments forward across transactions while lots are on hold, including multiple simultaneous holds.
  • Ability to detect and resolve duplicate MES transactions before they are processed into FabTime.
  • New WIP Hours Trend, Pareto, and List charts (as described in Issue 20.03). These charts are useful for detecting temporary bottlenecks based on hours of work that is waiting to be processed.

We are grateful to our User Group for suggesting, prioritizing, and performing early testing of many of these improvements. We are also appreciative of the newsletter community for discussions that have helped guide these enhancements. Customers interested in installing Patch 112 should contact support.