Patch 113 Released for Early Adopter Site Production Use

August 4, 2020

We're still putting the finishing touches on Patch 113 of FabTime's software. However, a couple of the new features are in such high demand that we have released an early version for production use to those sites ready to test drive the new features. Highlights of this version include:

  • Integration of a third-party engine for displaying and manipulating data tables (ag-Grid:
  • Enhanced PowerPoint integration (embed FabTime charts in PowerPoint presentations, mix images with other content, and automatically refresh FabTime images)..
  • JMP/Excel/PowerQuery integration (Pull FabTime data into Excel dashboards and merge FabTime and non FabTime data for analysis via JSON format).
  • New Tool SubState Visit List chart (e.g. filter for SubState=WaitForTech to see all visits that had any WaitForTech time).
  • New Tool Scheduled PM List for displaying future PMs.
  • A formatting revamp for Help pages / improved mobile-friendliness.

We are grateful to our User Group for suggesting, prioritizing, and performing early testing of many of these improvements. Customers interested in installing Patch 113 should contact support.