FabTime Releases Patch 115

December 13, 2022

FabTime is pleased to announce the formal release of Patch 115 of our web-based cycle time improvement dashboard software. Following extensive testing by early adopters, the new version is now available to all sites with a current subscription or maintenance contract. Highlights of the new version include:

  • Sparkline charts (very small charts with axes and most labels removed for legibility, allowing a dashboard to display many charts at once).
  • New Column controls with the ability to control homepage tabs for more of a "dashboard" appearance: freeform, dynamic and fixed # of columns.
  • Ability to set custom background images for homepage tabs.
  • Ability to toggle homepage tab controls on or off for more focused display of charts.
  • New Scrap Stacked Trend and Pareto charts.
  • Functionality to copy and paste values from Excel or Notepad to filters, with commas automatically added.
  • Fully updated FabTime User Guide with new topics and screen shots.