FabTime Releases Version 6.2 of Wafer Fab Cycle Time Management Software

San Jose, CA | November 18, 2004

FabTime Inc. today announced the release of Version 6.2 of their cycle time management software for semiconductor wafer fabs. Version 6.2 is now installed and running 24 hours a day at all FabTime customer sites. Version 6.2 includes

  • Integrated capacity planning based on changes in product mix and line yield (and using actual process flow and tool uptime data)
  • Color-coding of WIP lot list charts (to indicate on hold vs. in queue vs. in process)
  • Reverse cumulative WIP data by process stage (to quickly locate shipment pull-points)
  • The ability to mix FabTime slide show charts and external web content using a web-screen-saver
  • Automatic breakdown of standby time into “standby-WIP-waiting” and “standby-other”
  • New WIP utilization outputs on tool state charts
  • Support for fractional hour periods on all trend charts
  • Dynamic x-factor trend and pareto charts

FabTime is a web-based digital dashboard designed to give wafer fab managers the information that they need, in real-time, to help run their fabs effectively. FabTime extracts operations data (moves and tool state transactions) from the fab manufacturing execution system (MES) every five minutes, and makes the data available via web browser from anywhere within the corporate Intranet. The software includes a standard, pre-defined set of charts, reflecting performance measures that FabTime’s founders have found to be useful in understanding and improving fab performance. FabTime is designed for hands-on use by managers and supervisors, unlike traditional reporting tools, which were designed for programmers. More information about FabTime’s software is available at www.FabTime.com.

About FabTime Inc.

FabTime Inc. is the first company to focus solely on the challenging problem of cycle time management for semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities. We believe that the cycle time problems faced by wafer fabs are uniquely difficult and that our customers will be well-served by a company that declares its focus and sticks to it. To that end, we offer cycle time management software and training, as well as a free email newsletter dedicated to discussing best practices for fab cycle time improvement. FabTime’s website is located at www.FabTime.com.