FabTime Releases Version 5.0 of Wafer Fab Cycle Time Management Software

San Jose, CA | April 8, 2003

FabTime Inc. today announced the release of Version 5.0 of their cycle time management software for semiconductor wafer fabs. Version 5.0 includes:

  • Enhanced tool state reporting, including the ability to trend and pareto tool state information by sub-state and/or reason code, and to trend downtime coefficient of variation
  • A new tool WIP and State list chart that shows a quick view of tool status (time in current Semi E10 state) and WIP in queue, to highlight tools that are idle, but have WIP waiting
  • Automatic generation of productive and standby tool-state transactions from WIP data, so that tool utilization can be calculated for fabs with minimal tool event logging
  • The ability to trend and pareto performance charts by line segment, e.g. pareto moves and WIP by line segment, or trend WIP turns for a particular segment of the process flow
  • Results caching, for improved chart generation speed
  • Enhanced international language support

FabTime is designed to give wafer fab managers and their staff the information that they need, in real-time, to run their fabs effectively. FabTime extracts operational data from the fab manufacturing execution system (MES) every five minutes, and processes this data into a SQL Server data warehouse. Users can then access a comprehensive system of cycle time-related charts and alerts via a web browser from anywhere within the corporate Intranet. More information about FabTime’s software is available at www.FabTime.com.

About FabTime Inc.

FabTime Inc. is the first company to focus solely on the challenging problem of cycle time management for semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities. We believe that the cycle time problems faced by wafer fabs are uniquely difficult and that our customers will be well-served by a company that declares its focus and sticks to it. To that end, we offer cycle time management software and training, as well as a free email newsletter dedicated to discussing best practices for fab cycle time improvement. FabTime’s website is located at www.FabTime.com.