Half-Day Virtual Cycle Time Management Class Update

August 24, 2021

As announced back in April, FabTime is now delivering a shortened version of our cycle time management course virtually (via Teams) to company sites. As wafer fabs face increasing pressure to deliver product efficiently in the face of the capacity crunch, the course has drawn considerable interest. In the past few months, we have successfully delivered additional sessions to a variety of sites, some software customers and some not.

The course is currently delivered as two two-hour sessions, usually on different days, to minimize disruption to fab schedules. It’s designed to bring people from different parts of the fab organization, including manufacturing, process engineering, equipment maintenance, industrial engineering, and production planning, together into a single discussion about how everyone can help drive cycle time improvement. For customers, we spend time identifying specific FabTime charts to help meet these recommendations. For all sites, we spend time discussing which improvement ideas are most promising for that fab.

Here is the current outline of the course:

Remote Cycle TIme Course Outline

Request more information from our website. Shorter one-on-one course preview sessions, for those considering hosting the course for their company, are also available.

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