Half-Day Virtual Cycle Time Management Class Now Available

December 9, 2020

FabTime is pleased to report that we have updated our cycle time management course for remote delivery via Microsoft Teams. The course provides wafer fab production personnel with essential skills and techniques needed to manage cycle time. We have condensed and updated the material, developed over the past 15 years, into four hours of content, designed to be delivered in two two-hour sessions.

This course is designed for production personnel such as production managers, module managers, shift supervisors, hot lot coordinators, equipment supervisors, equipment and process engineers, and production control. Team members will learn how each can contribute to cycle time improvements. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Quantify cycle time relationships between utilization, cycle time, variability, and number of tools.
  • Use Little’s Law to set WIP targets.
  • Select metrics that drive cycle time improvement.
  • Apply cycle time intuition to operational decisions.

Request more information from our website. Shorter one-on-one course preview sessions, for those considering hosting the course for their company, are also available.

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