FabTime Launches New Signup Form and Plans for FabTime Tip of the Month Email List

December 8, 2011

We always include a tip of the month in each newsletter for our software customers. These tips are short, nuts-and-bolts articles with a “how-to” focus. They are generally inspired by either questions from customers (“How do I do x?”) or new features that require a bit of extra explanation. In addition to being posted in the newsletter, the tips are sent out to customers who request them as short, html-based emails. Some of our customers subscribe only to the tips, while others read about the tips in the newsletters, and don’t subscribe to those separately. Some subscribe to both.

In 2012, we’re planning to expand the Tips email list a bit. In addition to sending out the “how-to” based tips of the month (which will still also be included in the newsletter), we plan to use the Tips list to foster knowledge-sharing among our customers. Subscribers to the Tips list will be able to post questions to the customer community (“Does anyone have experience in using FabTime for XYZ?” etc.). We will moderate and post responses on this customer-only mailing list. (Though we may also take general ideas from the discussions, and include them in the newsletter as future Tips of the Month.)

What this means is that if you are a FabTime software customer who only subscribes to the newsletter, you may want to also subscribe to the separate Tip of the Month list. Email newsletter@FabTime.com with “Subscribe Tips” in your message subject to enroll. Please include your full name and tell us which FabTime site you work at.

Our goal is to make this FabTime tip of the month list a more useful resource for our customers. If you use FabTime at all, we strongly encourage you to sign up for the Tips list. These brief messages will be sent no more frequently than once a month, and we are positive that you will find them useful. Please consider asking your colleagues to sign up, too.

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